If you fail or miss a payment you are given a 3-day grace period from the date the payment was missed. If payment is not made during that time, you will be removed from the program and access will be suspended. 

If payment is not made within 3 days of the suspension you will be accessed a reinstatement fee of $175 reinstatement fee and the balance of your account will be due immediately. 

If this your balance and reinstatement fee is not paid within 3 days of being due you will be terminated permanently from the program and your tuition will be forfeited.Please chat with us, call us at 888.263.1650 or email us at support@mcafeeinstitute.com for assistance.

If the student fails to pay as agreed upon, they will be removed from their program and will not be able to enroll in any new courses until the outstanding debt is paid in full. The Institute may withhold official transcripts until the debt is paid in full and satisfied.

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