Sign In to Your Credential at

The option to change the visibility of your credential is not publicly available. You will need to prove you are the credential owner before you can make this change.

Signing In to Your Credential

  1. Click on the 'Sign In' button at the top right-hand corner of your credential view
    Navigate to to sign in to your credential.
  2. Use the email address your credential was sent to, and the email address you created for your credentials. If you have not yet setup a password for your credentials, use to 'forgot your password' function to create on for yourself now.
  3. Once you have successfully signed in, all available options will now be visible.

Changing the Privacy Setting

  1. Along the bottom of the credential window, click the 'Privacy' button
  2. A pop-up window will emerge asking you to set the visibility of your credential:Switch the toggle button off to make your credential private (the toggle button will turn grey). Switch the toggle button on to make your credential public (the toggle button will turn green).
  3. Click on 'Update privacy' to apply any changes.

Important Note: You can always change the privacy of your credential. As its owner, you are always in control.

When a Credential is Private

The credential is:

  • Visible only to you
  • Links on social media will not work
  • Will be hidden from search engine results

When a Credential is Public

The credential is:

  • Visible to anyone with the link
  • Can be shared on social media
  • Will be visible in search engine results
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