Participation and attendance reporting is the basis for determining whether Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits will be issued for participation in McAfee Institute training.

Pursuant to National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) rules, McAfee Institute is required to maintain records showing an individual's attendance and participation in our programs. During the training program periodic online quizzes, assignments, labs and Q & A will be used to assess continuous participation and to evaluate the program's effectiveness. Our system also monitors the length in which videos and lessons are digested.

Participation and Attendance Reporting Requirements:

Registration is on a per-person basis. To qualify for CPE credit, you must be registered for the program as an individual and login individually. The McAfee Institute employs real time monitoring via our LMS and Webinar Training Solutions through GotoTraining to verify that participants are engaged for the duration of the course. 

Students in compliance will be issued a certificate of completion and the CPE credits appropriate for their participation in a McAfee Institute program.

Non- Compliance
If a student is found to not be engaged, does not participate or is shown in active during the training program, the student will not be issued the appropriate CPE credits for the training nor a certificate of completion.

No refunds are issued for non-compliant students due to the failure on their part for attending our programs.

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