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Proctor Pre-Exam Checklist
Proctor Pre-Exam Checklist
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This article will walk you through the steps to take just before your exam, what you need to have on hand for your exam, and what you can expect from the launch process.

Before Logging In To Take Your Exam:

  1. Have a government-issued I.D. (or other form of ID allowed by your institution or testing organization) ready and be located in a private, well-lit room with no one else around you.

  2. Clear your workspace from all materials except those allowed by your instructor.

  3. Close all third-party programs and unplug any secondary monitors.

  4. Remove any non-religious head coverings.

  5. Make sure you’ve downloaded the ProctorU extension for either Chrome or Firefox.

What Happens During the Exam Launch Process?

This process is different depending on whether a live human proctor launches your exam or not. If you’re not sure whether you’ll have a live proctored launch, don’t worry - the system will walk you through everything you need to do in an easy step-by-step process.

Live Human Proctored Launch

This process will likely take between 8 to 10 minutes unless you experience technical difficulties (be sure to test your equipment before test day to minimize the chance you’ll have technical issues), in which case we can assist you with fixing your equipment. This time is not subtracted from the time you’re allowed in your exam.

  1. Log in to your ProctorU account 2-3 minutes before your scheduled appointment and click Start Session when the countdown timer reaches 0:00:00.

  2. Pre-checks: If you don’t already have the ProctorU extension, you’ll be prompted to download it. You’ll be required to accept exam guidelines and terms of service. The browser will prompt you to share your screen, a required part of being proctored online. You’ll be automatically guided through a series of equipment checks to make sure your system meets minimum requirements.

  3. Photos & Authentication: You’ll take a photo of yourself as well as your I.D. for identity verification purposes. Depending on the level of verification required by your institution, you may be asked to answer a series of randomly generated, public record challenge questions. You may also be required to type out a paragraph of text that will be checked against a pre-existing typing test that you would have been asked to complete prior to exam day. Both of these are optional measures selected by your instructor or institution.

  4. Chatbox download: You will be prompted to download and run a LogMeIn Rescue applet file that will bring up a chat box allowing you to text with your proctor. If prompted, be sure to click “open” or “allow” to give the file permission to run. When the chat box says “waiting,” it means that you are in the queue waiting for your proctor. TIP: If your status shows “waiting,” do not re-download the applet file as that will put you back at the end of the queue.

  5. Proctor Connection & Confirmations: Your proctor will greet you and confirm that you passed your identity verification steps. You’ll review the exam rules with your proctor and they’ll ask to see any permitted resources that your instructor has allowed you to use during your exam.

  6. Remote System Check: Your proctor will ask to take remote control of your mouse and keyboard via the LogMeIn Rescue applet in order to make sure no unpermitted programs are running. You will be able to see everything that your proctor is doing during this step, and it is impossible for them to access any files without your knowledge.

  7. Camera Pan: Your proctor will ask you to show the 4 walls of your room as well as your desk space via your webcam. You may or may not also be asked to show your computer monitor. Your proctor will make sure your cell phone is out of reach.

  8. Navigating to the Exam & Password Entry: Your proctor will then direct you into your LMS or exam delivery system so that he or she can unlock your exam with the password we’ve been provided by your instructor.

  9. Take Your Exam: Your proctor will release control of your computer and you’ll begin your exam when you’re ready.

NOTE: Your webcam view and your screen will be recorded through the duration of your exam.

Steps to take when you’ve completed your exam:

  1. Alert the proctor when finished BEFORE submitting: Prior to submitting your exam, let your proctor know through the chat box that you’re finished. They will oversee the submission process. You may also be required to clear a white board or tear up any scratch paper that was used during the exam.

  2. Review results: If your exam results are made available immediately, you may review them for as long as you’d like.

  3. Log out of your exam site and browser: After reviewing your results, your proctor must observe you log out of the exam website and close out of all browser tabs.

  4. Close out of ProctorU chat box: This will end your session with ProctorU. Once the chat box closes, you’ll be invited to complete a customer satisfaction survey.

  5. Done: You’re done! Enjoy your day!

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